Mission of Cobric

Our Mission is to develop and implement clean-tech solutions in recycling service centers and to become an industry leader.

  • To commercialize and demonstrate clean-tech solutions
  • To license clean-tech technologies to the targeted users/markets
Cobric Mission Lab Image

Business Strategy

Enter waste recycling market in partnership with established, market leading waste management companies to reduce risk and shorten time-line to profitability.

Enter into Zinc recovery market with proprietary High Temperature Metal Recovery (HTMR).

Continue development and commercialization industry-leading, proprietary Nickel/Cobalt recovery process successfully piloted by Cobric engineers.

Business Strategy Processing Image

Growth Potential

The company has the potential for global growth and expansion.

Company technologies are already recognized in industries as the advanced alternatives for chemical recycling.

In recognition of this, Cobric Chemicals has received support from both provincial and federal programs.

Risks associated with expansion are reduced due to the extensive experience of the company’s management team in the global recycling market and the strategy being followed to ensure early and sustained profitability.

Growth Potentail Lab Picture with Plant