Waste Recycling

Cobric has acquired a traditional waste water treatment facility in Midland, ON and transformed it into a recycling and manufacturing center to service the Ontario and US market to convert reusable chemicals into products and to divert them from landfill and disposal.

This business segment will provide an initial cash flow for supporting our medium and long term strategic business objectives.

Waste Recycling traditional waste water treatment facility in Midland, ON

Waste Recycling Operations

Estimated facility reopening date is July / August 2018.

Company has received funds from North Simcoe Community Futures Development Corporation (NSCFDC) to provide the working capital required to fund the operation.

Company has Purchase orders totaling $3.3M CDN on books with very favorable payment terms.

Waste Recycling Oerations Production Demonstration System image

Midland, ON Facility

Owned by Ontario 1076330, a wholly owned subsidiary of Cobric Chemicals:

  • 32,000 ft2 on 3 acres site
  • Permitted by MOE for waste management activities
  • On-site laboratory facilities
Midland Facility Image